Life Drawing Reflection

Life drawing at first was difficult for me, I had only ever attended one life drawing class before during my foundation year. Initially I thought it wouldn’t be that bad but when I seen the level others were at and the quality of work they were producing made me see that I needed to make improvements. The main issues I came across was getting all the information down on the page in such a short amount of time. But when I was attempting to get the information on the page in the short time I was making errors in terms of the scale and or proportions of the drawing.

The advice that helped me was Mike explaining how the use of basic shapes made it possible to get the general form of the model down the add the rest of the details in with ‘c’ and ‘s’ curves. This made then the initial sketch on the page an easier starting point for the drawing. Once I had understood the what Mike meant my gesture drawings had improved in the quality and I was a lot happier with them.

As the semester moved forward areas such as perspective and tone came into it. Perspective was again hard for me to get my head around since I hadn’t drew much things with the sense of perspective of being involved. From Mike’s help I developed in that area. Although I had improved my drawing there is people who are still better than me in life drawing. I’m happy with the improvements i have made but i feel compared to other’s, the quality of my work is on a lower quality.

At the tail end of the semester we were allowed to use the hour class but draw what we wanted, in terms of what length we wanted each drawing to be. The drawing I spent half an hour on was posted previously on my blog was something i was really happy with. Having a half and hour to do a drawing gave me time to sketch of the basic form but still spend enough time on getting the proportions right. Then adding form and shading to the drawing helped show my skills. I feel as if that drawing in comparison to the general level of the class was where I should be rather than where I was at doing the quick poses.

Returning from Christmas and starting the new semester my life drawing skills had feel a bit just from not drawing as much as i had been . The first class back was just me getting back into the swing of things. Although they weren’t works of art they had the basic shape down like Mike wanted. So I had picked up stuff from the first semester. In general terms I feel as I have improved my drawing in terms of the way life drawing required.

I think life drawing was a good class to have while starting the year to help us understand the connection between 2D and 3D animation. The idea of perspective and tone in 2d drawings can be translated into 3d modelling and this was a great help while learning the skills that would help us make our 15 second films in this semester. I found life drawing to be helpful in getting started in the degree.



Final Life Drawing

This was then the last Life Drawing I  had completed in the semester. I was over the moon with this piece of work. As from when I had just started Life Drawing my skills were a bit rusty. But after looking at previous weeks work and trying to improve I felt that I did just that. Although it was one of the better sketches, I still hope to keep on improving and to develop my drawing style.





Life Drawing 4

These sketches were then focused mainly on tonality and lighting. More time was allocated for the poses so I felt they weren’t as rough looking as previous ones.

I enjoyed working with tonality and the chalks. I began to have more confidence in my Life Drawings after this. But I still hope to improve within  this part of the course.

Life Drawing 3

More improvements were made from the last set of life drawings. With these I felt I had improved of my proportions and compositions. Although the drawings could of been finished in some sections I was happy with the consistency of the pieces.

A range of poses and times were spent on the sketches including both the life models Robert and Jackie. I still aim to improve my life drawing skills more and maybe develop my own style of these drawings.


Life Drawing 2

These are some examples of my Life Drawing from previous weeks. Although these are improvements from the first week there is still room for major improvements.

There is a mix of poses and different times spent on each pose. Although I need to up my life drawing game I am enjoying learning the new skills in the class. Hopefully I can translate these into my future work.

Life Drawing 1

As apart of the Creative Elements module we have to attend Life Drawing classes every Thursday. Although I had went to a life drawing class once during my Foundation year in the Art College I still was a bit nervous with my ability to draw to a good standard.

When we got to the Life room the first thing I noticed was the classical music playing in the background. although not the music I would pick, it was relaxing.

As we began the class, I noticed my drawings skills weren’t at the level I wanted. I hope to improve my skills and get better at Life drawing throughout the module and the year.

Some photographs below of my attempts at life drawing.