Finalised Digital Work

So after completing my practice runs on digital painting and having the concepts in we were given to work on I completed my finalised digital concepts for the time periods i was given.

Below are the concepts of the following;

  • Caveman era
  • Ancient Asia
  • City Centred concept
  • Clan tags for the Time Periods

Thumbnail Practice

We were given a quick digital tutorial on photoshop to experiment with painting in photoshop.

The idea was to use a range of tones from greyscale and create a background in with to work. These were my first attempts at tonality and painting in only grey scale.

For a first attempt i found these to be a good result development.

More Concepts

After looking at the images and links posted before I decided to look sketch out more concepts for the world and smaller thumbnails to work with.

These ideas were then shown to the group and the concepts were then talked about. After deciding what time periods would exist we then split up the time periods into who was doing what. We wrote down the six time periods on post it notes and shuffled them. The results were as followed;

  • Me- Caveman era and Ancient Asia
  • Kirstin- Vikings and Middle Ages
  • Jenny- Romans and Victorian era

These were then methods into us developing our digital work




Research work

So before we could continue onwards with the Paradox world, we needed to find some inspiration to help create ideas.

I decided to take inspiration from Tron Legacy. This was due to the markings and futuristic look the film had. More specificlly the ‘clan’ markings that appears in the film. As the paradox world involves seven different time zones the people will look and act differently than each other. So the idea of clan and clan tags came about. This idea was the starting point of sketched to follow.

I then look at light installations for idea on how the city could look based on the neon style of Tron. The light installations were also a starting for an animation idea for further down the line.

The last images of some lighting work was also a good idea on perspective. I like the light work as seemed like concept art for a game or animation rather than real life sculpture work.

Sketchbook ideas

So after our group was given the ‘Paradox World’, we then decided to go and research the idea of environment and how worlds work. I decided to look more closely at how the world cold be laid out and how the characters would interact with each other. Although as a group we had to back track the project and come up with what the world is in and how it got there before we could develop any concept sketches for the world.

Ideas involved why the characters got there, how they got there and how could they live together. The most difficult aspect we came across as a group was the initial idea of what style or what theme would complement the world.

Then the idea of the world existing in a black hole, this idea tied in with the time paradox and space. But what style would the world have? A futuristic setting was then agreed on as a theme.

We then we away and sketched out some initial concepts and thumbnails.

Some images of my sketch book are below. All are tonal as tonality was the project for the week.


New project

As a group we gave our presentation on our finalised characters for the dragon world.

But after that I was the switched groups and had to say good bye to my orginal group. I was then put in a group with Kirsten, lina and Jenny. With the new group I was excited to get working with them and too see how they worked as a team.

Our new project was then to develop concepts and enviroments for the ‘Time paradox’ world. Although the previous group had designed the characters in the previous week. Alot was left unsorted in terms off there was no concept for what the world was in or how the characters got there or why they were there. So alot of work will be needed for this week’s project. Although already we had some interesting ideas to play about with.

Some images of the previous’ groups research that we could use.