Overview of week one

Starting of the first day of Animation we were introduced to the second and final years. After that we then given briefs for a task to design a product. Then we were put into groups. Each group having around two first years, two second years and two final years. My group was given the brief of ‘Design a product that would help the refugee crisis in Syria’.

A quick overview of our task was we created a 3D model on maya of the ‘U.B.A. Mask’. This was a product that we thought was tackling one of the main causes of death being the refugees traveling by sea to escape but drowning in process. The product would then act as a ‘safety net’ if they had to be submerged in water. The idea of supply and demand.

As this was an introduction to the processes’ of Animation and a first attempt. I think it went well and a benefit to me for the starting projects.

Some sketches and rough work throughout week one.