Initial Sketches

Now that we had a general idea on what the game is going to be. The next step is going to be how it is played. So rules have to be created and what the game will be played on.

I began looking at different types of games and different forms of games. Board games were my initial thought so I began to sketch out some boards experimenting with different layers and levels on  the board. Texture and shape were the main things I focused on.

While coming up with some designs for the board game, I remembered back to the original group’s idea of the the hell world being inside a tree. From this I took tree bark and tree roots as an influence. Focusing on the curves and how the tree would warp .

Another element I researched into was the use of dice in a game. I thought about how dice effect the gameplay. In a sense if a dice is apart of the game it has the control of the game.

I thought about adding two dice into our game. One being a four sided dice and the other being an eight sided dice. These were then used to determine what character is played and on what level will they start.